Home Transitions

“Building our dream home was so easy. Best of all, Lacati sold our current home and moved us seamlessly.”

The unique nature of our business can help you rent, buy, sell, or build your home.  It’s all under one roof with The Home Transitions Program from Lacati Group.  Our residents and customers wanted an easy transition from their current living arrangement.  The Home Transitions Program takes the worry out of buying, selling, building, or renting your home. 

The transition is made easy, and it saves you money. We will handle all your transactions and line up your timing for buying, selling, building, and renting.

Our goal is to give you the best experience, provide high-quality living arrangements, save you money, and give you peace of mind. Whether you are moving permanently or taking a step to the next phase in your life, we look forward to being your partner

Program Details

  • Live in one of our apartment’s communities permanently or temporarily
  • Buy a home at any time by taking advantage of our flexible lease structures that match up with your timing.
  • Sell your home at any time and transition seamlessly with no in-between housing arrangement, no extra moving costs, and no extra storage fees.
  • Build your home with LaCati Custom Homes while living at one of our apartment’s communities. Line up your timing and transition seamlessly to your new home.
  • LaCati Group Realty represents you as your REALTOR. LaCati Custom Homes represents you as your licensed Builder.


The Benefits

  • Seamless transitions.
  • No overlap in rent, no overlap in mortgage payments, and no early termination fees
  • Save time, money, and aggravation! Live worry-free. No pressure. No worries. No problem.

Transition On Your Timeline

  • Remember, we represent you!
  • Furnished or unfurnished luxury apartment options.
  • You take advantage of our expertise in luxury apartment communities and residential homes.
  • Home inspection and appraisal assistance with the assurance of a Licensed Builder and Broker.
  • Home buying/selling assistance with not only a REALTOR, but also a Builder, and Developer.

How We’re Different

  • We are not just a REALTOR. We are not just a Developer/Owner/Manager. We are not just a Builder.  We are all the above. It makes a huge difference in the value that we provide to our clients and customers.
  • We understand both the luxury multi-family market and the residential home market.
  • We have owned and managed our investments or over 20 years in West Michigan. We are local, this is the difference in our service and quality.
  • We specialize in Transitional Living, putting your mind at ease and making the transition to or from your next quality home.


Multi-family and residential development

Property Management

Multi-family property management

Home Transitions

Build a home.  Buy a home.  Sell a home.  Move into an apartment.  Transition under one roof.

Custom Homes

 Build your custom dream home