About LaCati

About LaCati

LaCati Group is a real estate development, management, and investment company focusing primarily on multi-family, senior living, and residential assets.

Lacati Story

Growing up, I never dreamed of developing apartment complexes or building custom homes. All I wanted to do was play sports and race motorcycles. My dad was a pipefitter, and as a kid I remember cleaning his copper fittings wondering how it all worked. I hand dug graves, mowed lawns, cleaned construction offices, and worked construction to save money. After high school, I went to Michigan State University to study Mechanical Engineering and was able to graduate with zero debt and a few dollars to my name.

After college, I got a job as a production engineer and bought my first house to fix up at 22 years old. After a few years, I realized that I needed some additional business skills, so I went to the University of Michigan and completed my MBA while working full time in sales. It was there that I took a real estate class with an adjunct professor who was one of the largest developers in Ann Arbor. His plan was brilliant….have dozens of students evaluate real estate projects for free, then develop the ones that were profitable. What a program! So, I ended up buying my own project. I started buying more apartment buildings, the projects got larger, and LaCati Group was born.

A few things have always stayed the same – integrity, honesty, faith, and hard work. Throughout my journey one thing became very clear. I realized that I wasn’t driving the bus alone. It was my faith and God. That is very clear to me now.

Chad Cassiday,

Founder and Owner
LaCati Group

Lacati Custom Homes

LaCati Services

  • Development – Multi-family and residential development.
  • Property Management – Multi-family property management.
  • Home Transitions – Build a home. Buy a home. Sell a home. Move to an apartment. Transition under one roof.
  • Custom Homes – Build your custom dream home.

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