LaCati Group specializes in multi-family, residential and senior living development and investment.  We believe that being laser focused solely in multi-family and residential asset classes is crucial to our success.  Property site selection, financial analysis, renovation, construction management, and property management are all kept in house at LaCati Group. We manage every step of the development process, from pre-design through construction, sales and leasing.  Our conservative project selection focus on quality, and intensive property management philosophy is what makes us successful.

Suburban Development

Developing projects in suburban markets is very different than developing in the downtown urban core.  While the location is obviously always a factor, other factors such as demographics, traffic patterns, visibility, growth, utilities, land availability, and the ability for competitors to enter the market become much bigger factors.

Urban Development

LaCati develops multi-family apartment projects in the downtown urban core.  People of all ages have been moving back downtown for years, but to re-develop existing structures that are sometimes over 100 years old takes expertise.  LaCati has developed many loft apartments and historic structures.  Parking is always a factor as is easy accessibility to downtown restaurants, bars, entertainment, and amenities quickly become limiting factors when looking at re-development sites.

Value-Add Development

LaCati specializes in buying existing or distressed multi-family assets and re-positioning them in the markets they serve.  Lacati built its management philosophy out of value-add multi-family projects. Lacati typically purchases and manages Class B or Class C apartment communities that are in need of capital or an improved management structure.


Multi-family and residential development

Property Management

Multi-family property management

Home Transitions

Build a home.  Buy a home.  Sell a home.  Move into an apartment.  Transition under one roof.

Custom Homes

 Build your custom dream home